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Medical Bathtub Repairs and Servicing

Motorised medical bathtubs are great for home use or for nursing care, but they need regular maintenance to ensure they are in safe, working order so as not to cause harm to those operating or using them. At Fairfield Care, our specialised team of medical bath engineers are on hand whenever you need us for maintenance checks and repairs to deliver a fast service.

We also help you schedule your next electric bath maintenance check-up so that you can keep your care equipment up to the legal specifications without having to think about it – we’ll schedule your reminders and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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What to Expect from your Medical Disabled Bathtub Service

During your medical bathtub service, the bath will be sufficiently stripped to allow for a thorough visual inspection by our team. All aspects of the raising and lowering motorised mechanism of variable-height baths will be checked for correct operation.

Some of the checks our bath servicemen will examine are the following:

  • The lift carriage guides will be inspected for wear
  • The bath lift carriage will be adjusted if necessary
  • All joints and hoses will be checked for leaks
  • Internal mechanical components subject to wear will be inspected and replaced where necessary
  • The bath will be fully function-tested in all modes of operation
  • Integral mixing valves and sensors will be function-tested and descaled as necessary
  • The maximum outlet temperature will be carefully checked and adjusted if needed

After reassembling your medical bathtub, a report sheet will be issued detailing recommendations for any further work that may be required.

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How Often Should You Service Nursing Bathtubs?

Since medical nursing bathtubs have a lifting functionality with their motorised mechanism, this care equipment comes under the LOLER requirements (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and therefore should be serviced every 6 months. You can view a full list here from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the legally required time for servicing a range of care lifting equipment (see bottom of page three).

Why The Safety of Your Disabled Bath is Imperative

It is vital to keep all lifting equipment in impeccable working order since those using them can be severely put in danger if the lift malfunctions. When this comes to medical bathtubs, where the elderly and disabled individuals using the equipment are extremely vulnerable, it is even more important that these risks are minimised.

In addition to this, medical care baths mobility mechanisms are also exposed to corrosive conditions, since the whole bath is at high risk of water damage which could affect the motorised element of the equipment. This means that regular maintenance check-ups need to be scheduled at least every 6 months for nursing bathtubs, for the safety of those operating and using them.

When it comes to all lifting equipment, and not just medical bathtubs, it’s vital to know how to prevent them from malfunctioning which could then lead to severe injuries, or in rare unfortunate cases, death. Speak to one of our team members today about booking a visit from our team where we can not only service your nursing equipment, but offer your staff advice on how best to use the equipment and care for it to help ensure the longest use possible.

If you would like to find out more about our medical bathtub maintenance service, please do feel free to give us a call on 01234 324 535. Alternatively, please see our form below where you can quickly fill in your details and requirements to book a free initial consultation or a quote.

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