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Infection Control and the use of Microfibre Cleaning


Infection Control and the use of Microfibre Cleaning
Infection control procedures must focus on assuming that everyone is potentially infectious. They should be carried out by all healthcare staff in care homes and nursing homes to ensure the safety of patients, residents, staff and visitors.

What is Infection Control?
Infection control aims to prevent pathogens from passing from one person to another. There are 10 infection control procedures that a care home should focus on:

  • Patient Placement
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Management of care equipment
  • Control of the environment
  • Safe management of linen
  • Management of blood and body fluid spillages
  • Safe disposal of waste
  • Occupational exposure management (including sharps)


Infections in the care environment
Infections in a healthcare environment can happen across a range of conditions and affect people of all ages including residents, staff and visitors. Infections can make existing conditions worse, can highlight underlying issues and delay recovery. High standards of infection prevention and control can help to minimise the risk of infection.


The most common types of healthcare-associated infection are:

  • respiratory infections eg pneumonia
  • urinary tract infections eg cystitis
  • surgical site infections


Any infection control procedures must focus on reducing the risk of infection by reducing the risk of cross-contamination and by assisting the smooth running of the care home through more cost effective and time effective methods.


What is Microfibre?

Microfibre has a unique structure used in woven cloths and mop heads. It’s made from split synthetic fibres which are very fine and designed to create a larger surface area per fibre. Microfibre is naturally statically charged so it has a strong suction effect to help to remove dirt, grease and bacteria. Rather than cleaning it effectively lifts and removes 99.9 per cent of anything on a surface. Because it lifts rather than cleans with water microfibre also uses less water (it’s best used damp rather than wet) and chemical cleaning products so it’s cost effective and good for the environment. It’s also easy to wash, up to 95˚C, and quick to dry.


What is the Stream Magnetic Mop System?
The Stream Magnetic Mop System from Robert Scott is a double-sided microfiber flat mop with an integral jet spray. It helps to provide faster spot cleaning over twice the floor area using only one mop. The pads of the mop are made from microfiber and the magnetic mop head system means that the head can be changed easily with no need to bend or to touch soiled pads. The integral jet spray allows the microfibre pads to be dosed with water and cleaning chemicals while cleaning so there’s no need for a bucket. Floors can be cleaned quickly and dry easily, making the mop ideal for use in areas of high traffic where a quick response and result is needed. The mops also use the national colour coding system, as recommended by the NHS.


The mop also comes in a disposable mop head version, especially useful if there are no machine washing facilities available.

Microspeedy Mopping Kit
The Microspeedy Kit from Robert Scott is a completed mopping system. It’s designed to be used with easy to fit 40cm flat mop heads, using the minimum amount of water for faster drying. The mop head structure means that the equipment uses the minimum of chemicals, great for the resident and the care home environment.

The kit comes with

-     a plastic break frame to allow the easy fitting and removal of mop heads in four colours.

-     a lightweight aluminium colour-coded handle.

-     a wheeled 20L Speedy mop bucket which features a wringer with built-in water divider.

Duop Cleaning Tool

Remove the strain of cleaning with the innovative microfibre Duop Reach

The Duop Reach is a versatile, extendable cleaning tool which features a unique, ergonomic ball and socket joint making cleaning strain-free for users.

The kit comprises of the Duop Reach extendable handle; removable quickball and pad holder; four microfibre pads; five hi-shine microfibre cloths and a spray bottle. The handle helps to clean hard to reach surfaces and users can also remove the head for targeted hand cleaning.

The washable microfibre pads Velcro attach to the head, and are great for cleaning either damp or with cleaning products. A cleaning pad is available for tougher and dirtier jobs, and a glass pad for windows and shiny surfaces.



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