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Tracking Hoist Service

Tracking Hoist Service

At Fairfield Care, our specialised engineers provide a reliable and efficient service for your tracking hoist. Whether you require an emergency repair, would like to update or upgrade outdated parts or have a regular service scheduled to comply with LOLER regulations, we ensure that your equipment is constantly well-maintained, and – most significantly for you and your residents – safe and secure for use.

What to expect from your tracking hoist service

First of all, the hoist will be sufficiently stripped to allow for a visual inspection of all components, allowing our engineers to examine any wear and tear or damage which would affect its safe operation. To confirm a comprehensive examination on your hoist, the tracking and all connections leading to the track will be inspected and the wiring will be checked for any damage.

After reassembling the hoist back together, a safe load test will be carried out in order to guarantee that everything is in working order and that the hoist is safe to be in operation. Lastly, a report sheet will be issued to you detailing recommendations for any further work required. Ensuring we can eradicate all down time with your hoist and increase longevity, we understand that this is unquestionably vital, since a poorly maintained or damaged hoist can lead to severe injury or even death.

In accordance with recommendations by leading manufacturers, we will now replace the lifting strap if needed – lifting straps on all ceiling hoists should be replaced every two years, whether or not there are external signs of ‘wear and tear’.

Why tracking hoist safety is imperative

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) put out a safety notice regarding an awful incident on the death of a ceiling track hoist user. The user had no assistance with a caregiver and the hoist failed when the user was in the middle of using it. What follows are the important actions required by the supplier to ensure this type of incident does occur:

  • The tracking hoist supplier should provide the most appropriate equipment available specifically for the users’ needs and requirements.
  • A risk assessment is carried out with regards to the tracking hoist selection and use of the equipment.
  • Any risks identified from this risk assessment should be eliminated and controlled.
  • The supplier should follow the tracking hoist manufacturers installation instructions and provide this information to care staff and/or the user, along with the proper training on how to operate the equipment safely.
  • To help support the user’s independence, the user may request no assistance and no caregivers for self-hoisting. If any part of the ceiling tracking hoist fails to operate correctly, the user needs assistance to safety, therefore the user must always have an easily assessible way to summon assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • The user of the tracking hoist should be provided with the necessary information, instruction and training so they fully understand how to operate it themselves.
  • The tracking hoist owner should ensure that planned maintenance reviews and arrangements are agreed on and booked in when the hoist is provided, in compliance with LOLER regulations (every 6 months is advised).

A tracking hoist repair service you can trust

Here at Fairfield Care, we understand that a malfunction in your equipment can sometimes happen when you least expect it – which is why we are available to repair your tracking hoist at any time. We are committed to securing your safety as an establishment and – most importantly, the safety of your patients - as well as providing you with a beneficial and proficient service.

Our aim is to make tracking hoist maintenance easy so you’ll never need to worry about your equipment and you can continue to keep doing what you do best. Our expert tracking hoist engineers will ensure every part of your hoist is performing to a high standard and our team will contact you when it’s due for another maintenance check.

In addition to providing professional repair for tracking hoists, we also supply them. Take a look at our brilliant range of hoists, extending from lifting and standing hoists to ceiling hoists. All designed with comfort and high safety in mind.

If you think you or your patients would benefit from a ceiling tracking hoist, there are a number of useful benefits.

Why you should get a Ceiling Track Hoist

A tracking hoist, or more specifically a ceiling tracking hoist, provides both the user and carer with multiple advantages. It can contribute to the quality of life for an individual with physical difficulties. The speediness and ease of use of a ceiling tracking hoist comes in handy for lifting requirements. With its continuous availability this type of hoist is more likely to be used by carers rather than a mobile hoist.

A ceiling tracking hoist takes up hardly any space at all, ensuring that it is never in the way and always where it’s needed. It’s brilliant to use in small bathrooms or toilets where a mobile hoist may be a more of a challenge to manoeuvre around.

Ceiling tracking hoists can also be used to move a patient from room to room, such as from the bedroom to the bathroom and back, and waterproof straps are available for such use, allowing maximum independence for the user.

For a caregiver, it’s the perfect way to transfer an individual without the risk of a back injury while also needing little to no effort to operate. In most scenarios, it only needs to be operated by one caregiver to easily position an individual, as they can be lowered, raised, rotated and moved with a very small amount of exertion from the carer.

Interested in purchasing a ceiling tracking hoist or finding out more information on our tracking hoist service? Our friendly specialists are always happy to help offer more details, or to arrange a visit to assess your needs and requirements. Contact one of our professionals today.


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