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Slings Inspection

Slings Inspection

In compliance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998), slings and other patient lifting equipment must be inspected regularly to ensure both the safety of the patient being lifted and the carers, nurses or personnel operating the equipment.

At Fairfield Care, we offer a full and comprehensive patient sling inspection and audit, providing an industry-leading support service. We’ll help to ensure that your equipment is always well-maintained, legal for operation and - most importantly for you and your patients - safe for use.

Sling Inspection Service Breakdown: what we do for you

  • Manage your LOLER compliance
  • Hold the registers of each of your inspected assets
  • Notify you every six months when you are due for another sling inspection (the time recommended by manufacturers)
  • Inspect your equipment every six months, as per LOLER protocol, where our sling technicians will visit your property to carry out the sling inspection and carry out any necessary maintenance
  • Help you comply with Care Quality Commission guidelines
  • Supply a full audit report following every sling inspection
  • Supply you with certificates proving your successful inspection and hold copies ourselves
  • Be on call 24/7 for emergency inspections or repairs

How the sling inspection process works

  1. Our engineer will arrive at your home or establishment with all sling assessment and maintenance tools. We kindly request that all slings are assembled in one location ready to be inspected.*
  2. Our engineer will then carry out a full inspection of all slings presented. Please bear in mind that any sling not made available for inspection cannot be included in the final report and will have to be taken out of use.
  3. A sling report form will be left with you detailing the slings which have been inspected and the results.  

Why sling inspections are so vital to your care work

Regular sling inspections are incredibly important in maintaining a safe care environment for both patients and staff (or equipment operator). Sling safety is vitally important when it comes to the care of your patients, since poorly or incorrectly maintained equipment can lead to sling damage and failure. This puts your patients at risk when being moved, and can lead to injury or even death for more vulnerable patients.

The Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) noted that it received a wide variety of incident reports involving patient slings used in hospitals, care establishments and the community that resulted in serious patient injury or fatalities.

Some examples of these incidents were:

  • A patient that fell through the sling as the sling was both inappropriate for the patient’s weight and body size, but also because of an aperture caused from an incompatible combination of the spreader bar and sling.
  • Slings cleaned and washed incorrectly produced weaknesses in the slings, leading to failure during use.

For your patient’s safety, the MHRA have advised the following. As a care establishment or service that uses slings for lifting patients, you should ensure that:

  • All slings are used and maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Sling and hoist types are compatible with one another and appropriate for the patient being lifted. Risk assessments should be repeated if the patient’s health or condition changes, or if there is a new sling and hoist combination.
  • All slings are visually examined and assessed before use, and must be removed from service if defects are found until the sling can be repaired professionally.
  • All slings are cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All slings are inspected every six months by a competent person, as stated in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

At Fairfield Care, we aim to assist with all of the above, automatically notifying you when you are due for another sling inspection when required, and offering cleaning and maintenance advice so that equipment management is made easy. We can take the stress out of safety allowing you to continue to provide excellent care for your patients.

Competitive and reliable sling inspection and repair service

Always on hand for when you need us, Fairfield Care is committed to providing an attentive and reliable service. We know that equipment can malfunction at the most inopportune times, so we pride ourselves on being there for you when you need us most. With our regular sling inspections and care service hopefully you’ll never need to worry about problems with your lifting equipment since our engineers will ensure every part of your sling is working to perfection.

Offering a competitive, value-for-money solution to your equipment inspection needs, and a free initial consultation to determine your requirements and give you the best quote, you can trust Fairfield Care to support you.  

Want to find out more about Fairfield Care’s sling inspection service? Contact our friendly team today for more details, or to arrange a visit from one of our specialists.

*Our engineers are not authorised to locate unpresented slings around the premises.

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